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Non-spicy Mexican foods

If you love the landscapes of Mexico, but you are afraid to go for their spicy food, do not worry because even in this country there are people with different tastes and you can find places and foods in which spicy is not the center of attention. In addition, in hotels and restaurants they know that some people, due to their medical condition or just for pleasure, cannot consume this type of food. 

 Mexico is also enjoyed without spicy

 Mexican cuisine is very varied, and there are also dishes that you can taste without being afraid of spicy. In Hermosillo, for example, you will find the famous long broth, which is a meat stew with fresh vegetables and tortillas to accompany it. Coyotas are a regional sweet, which consists of wheat bread filled with melted panela or piloncillo.

If you want to try something exotic but not spicy, you have the jumiles at your disposal, which are small edible insects that are harvested between November and February. They can be eaten ground or whole, and some Mexicans even use it as a dressing in their meals.

Calvillo, for example, is a town in the state of Aguascalientes, where you can find a variety of food that is based on guava, including elements of both salt and sweet, without any spicy.

The corned beef, onion steak, enfrijoladas, beans and entomatadas, are also part of Mexican meals without spicy, which is ideal if you are going to have a retire in Baja California, because there are a good number of restaurants who know perfectly the tastes of tourists, whose relationship with spicy is not as loving as that of Mexicans.

Sweet tamales and stuffed pumpkin blossoms, along with quesadillas can be a good option, if you want a soft meal, for example, after a treatment of dental braces in Tijuana, as they are part of the soft diet recommended by dentists. 

UNESCO declared on November 16 of 2010, Mexican food as a World Heritage, so many restaurants have typical dishes, which can be served notably.

The guacamole with nachos is exquisite, and a good excuse if you want to eat something low in spice, although if you want you can ask the person who prepares it not to add spice or lemon, making it fresher and more special for those who suffer from gastritis. 

Likewise, you can go to any of the restaurants in the city and request what dishes they can recommend without spice. Totopos soup, totopos with cheese, cakes and a great variety of desserts and breads are part of this type of food and without a doubt you will love them because even without spicy, they also have a Mexican flavor.