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The Best 3 Italian Restaurants In San Diego

Just as the great city of San Diego is linked to different cultures, one of the strongest and most popular is the Italian. There have been so many Italians who came to settle in San Diego that now this space where they settled is known as Little Italy. Previously this place was only used by fishermen, but now it has become one of the most popular and visited sites. Its transformation allowed it to become a neighborhood known for its gastronomy and its excellence in wines, making it ideal for those who love Italian food.

The variety of restaurants found in the interior of Little Italy, allows tourists to have several options of sites, but below we will recommend some restaurants that you should not miss.

Civico 1845

As its official site says, this gastronomy space was opened by Dario and Pietro Gallo brothers in 2015, thanks to the collaboration they had with Flavio Piromallo. Civico 1845 has been characterized by the flavor they offer to their guests, where they use the best of ingredients to cook those dishes that delight the palate of those who taste the food.

They offer traditional Italian gastronomy such as pasta, seafood dishes, and healthy, vegan, and gluten-free food. This variety in its menu has made it so popular in recent years, so it’s a restaurant you should never miss when visiting Little Italy. Also, its modern decoration, but with Italian touches, invite you to enjoy its gastronomy.


Chef Tae Dickey has been known for offering his guests the best dishes made from the highest quality ingredients. Working with local farms and knowledgeable farmers, Biga’s recipes are full of traditional, yet unique flavors. Unique because the chef makes his sausages and charcuterie so that you won’t find the feeling offered in Biga anywhere else.

If pizzas or pasta are your things, you should definitely visit this restaurant. Its exquisite food, excellent service, and the atmosphere of the restaurant make it an excellent option to enjoy the best of Italian cuisine.

Buona Forchetta

It is one of the most preferred spaces for people living around the restaurant. This is because the owners want to give their guests the taste of authentic Italian food, but with certain modifications that attract people’s attention. Buona Forchetta’s menu is the key to the restaurant’s success.

They make cakes characteristic of Italy, with a thin crust and stuffed with shrimp, salmon, or other products. Pizza is also key to the menu, offering 35 different flavors ranging from traditional flavors to more eccentric tastes. The decoration of the establishment invites diners to enjoy the comfort and the dishes they offer.

Although there are indeed many Italian restaurants, we decided to mention those that offer an authentic Italian flavor, but with unique touches. Do not hesitate to visit these spaces, if you are a tourist and want to visit these restaurants that we recommend, do not forget to look for San Diego car service so that you can move more quickly.