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The best foods to stay healthy and recover after a procedure

The body works on the basis of minerals, vitamins and many nutrients that we obtain through food. Bad habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol, drugs, junk or overly processed food, can have bad results on people’s health. 

After a surgical procedure, you cannot follow exclusive diets, since carbohydrates, proteins, fats and regulators such as fruits and vegetables are necessary to maintain a good diet, but it will be necessary to balance them properly so that you do not regain the weight you lost. 

50% of the feeding of a person on a normal diet comes from carbohydrates, but, if you have had a procedure, it is better that you follow the instructions given by the doctor. 

The intake of fruits is essential. 

Fruits are a really wonderful food, from them comes most of the vitamins that your body needs daily, especially if you have had a tummy tuck Tijuana, among the healthiest fruits you can find is the Kiwi, it is one of the fruits that helps produce a good amount of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. In addition, it contains high percentages of fiber and water, which make it a highly recommended fruit for weight loss.

The apple contains excellent components such as pectin, malic acid and quercetin, which help reduce cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood, it is highly recommended to prevent cardiovascular diseases. If they recommend a soft diet after the procedure, in a food processor you can puree the apple, peeling it and removing the seeds. 

Vegetables are essential

Vegetables have always been considered one of the most beneficial foods for health. Green leafy vegetables are the ones that contain the most vitamins and nutrients. In addition to them, Broccoli has a good proportion of vitamin C, folic acid, beta-carotene and vitamin E, providing an antioxidant effect with cell regeneration. The broccoli and leek cream provide a good amount of nutrients to the body, and will surely help you recover quickly. 

These and other foods are widely used in senior care Mexico, since their diet must be based on elements with fiber.

Do not forget cereals and legumes

The low cost of production of cereals and legumes makes them one of the essentials for food. Brown rice, for example, has a large amount of nutrients, as it is not subjected to the refinement that removes its shell, it is low in fat, and rich in fiber. 

Fava beans are the legumes richest in iron and are absorbed better if they are in cream, because that way they are easier to digest. It is rich in vitamin C, has vitamin niacin, copper, manganese, calcium and phosphorus. 

Among the fish, those with the highest nutrients are tuna and salmon. The doctor will recommend the appropriate meats for consumption according to your procedure.