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The most popular places to have cosmetic procedures

Aesthetic procedures are becoming increasingly important worldwide, in an era in which physical beauty has become one of the standards to get attention on social networks, which works not only to get a partner or communicate with a good number of friends around the world but to earn money through followers or advertising, which companies pay to appear on the channels of those who have more popularity.

In the midst of this frenetic panorama, a very interesting economic line emerges medical tourism, an element that is gaining more and more strength, mainly in Mexico.

High quality and economical aesthetic procedures

In Mexico, there is a city that, due to its proximity to the border with the United States, has developed the possibility of performing a large number of high-quality medical procedures, and not only for the integration of technology into medical development but for the high quality of its professionals.

Whether it is a dental implants Tijuana procedure or liposuction Tijuana you will always get the same result: a high-quality procedure, at a much lower cost than in the United States.

To be clearer, a Breast Augmentation in the United States can cost 8000 dollars, while the same procedure in Tijuana can be around 4100 dollars, that is, most cosmetic and dental surgeries can cost half the price to Americans, so they come quickly to improve their aesthetics in Mexico.

Other countries such as Colombia and Venezuela are also entering this field, but, without a doubt, Mexico leads them, both for their experience and for the proximity to North America, because, patients, for example, from Baja California only have to drive 40 minutes and will already be in an appointment with their trusted surgeon, while to travel to one of these two more distant countries will require a higher cost.

Tijuana, a leader in medical tourism

Among the cities in Mexico that provide this type of services, Tijuana is one of the most outstanding, mainly because its doctors and dentists have high quality in their training and, in addition, hotels, vacation homes, and restaurants have quickly adapted to the situation, offering special accommodation plans for medical tourism that include special rates and, In addition, adequate food for patients, including soft and semi-soft diet, foods low in calories and fats, and even without spicy, because although this condiment has a large number of followers, in some cases, such as gastric surgeries it is not highly recommended to consume it, at least while the body recovers from the operation.

Finding a city that has all these conditions to perform a dental or medical procedure is not so simple, so if you are near Tijuana, or want to travel there to perform a procedure without a doubt you will be extremely well taken care of, and, in addition, you will have a great experience visiting the beautiful beaches of the city and all the places of interest that it has arranged for you to relax and recover quickly.