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Why French Restaurants are Popular Spots for Dinner Austin Offers

Austin, TX is a culinary capital of America. Known primarily for barbeque and Tex Mex cuisine, the city has hundreds of restaurants that feature multiple cultures and cuisine types that are often overlooked in favor of what is already known and familiar. Austin diners are very particular, and they don’t praise restaurants easily. In order for a cuisine style or cafe to get rave reviews and become a popular hot spot, guests must truly love the food and the overall experience. That said, over the last new years an unforgettable dinner Austin offers can be enjoyed at French restaurant Le Politique, an authentic French experience that begins with a glass of wine, carries through to the main course, and ends with dessert. This article is intended to help educate Austin locals and people visiting from out of town to learn more about French cuisine and the dinner Austin spots that offer it. 

The Best French Dinner Austin Restaurants have Robust Wine Lists

Amazing French dinner Austin locations will have a comprehensive wine list. After all, you can’t think of France without thinking of wine. Look for Austin French restaurants and give them a call to learn about their wine list and how they pair wine with food. The best French dinner Austin restaurants will have expert waiting staff that can help diners pair the best wines with their meals. A robust wine list should feature bottles from every region of France, and have a wine selection of reds, whites, pinks and champagnes. From a good Chardonnay to a distinct Merlot, and from a Sauvignon Blanc to a sweet wine from Bordeaux ideal to pair with dessert, you should be able to find everything one would expect in a wine glass to accompany any meal type. 

A French Restaurant for a Happy Hour Austin Spot?

French food and wine offers luxury and a decadent experience, so the best French dinner Austin spots will have an amazing happy hour. A good deal on beverages should include 50 percent off on house beer, wine and liquor. In addition, there should be a happy hour special. Many of the best quality French restaurants in Austin, TX offers a happy hour special on oysters, for example, along with white or sparkling wine. You should also expect to see 50 percent off on wine by the glass and craft cocktails. Why do the usual “beer and a burger” happy hour when you can get a great deal on a happy hour Austin deal fit for a king?

Classic French Food at Your Dinner Austin Spot

After you settle in for happy hour, dinner comes next, and this is where the French restaurant truly shines. Look for a menu with classic items that use authentic ingredients. Begining with French onion soup is ideal, and look for an icon appetizer like steak tartare, various d’oeuvres, a crudy, escargot and a traditional cheese board. For the main course look for classic French style roasted chicken, a fish entree like salmon or trout, Bourguignon, and a good filet. 

Then end the meal with a classic French dessert and an espresso, and discover why certain French restaurants are quickly becoming known as popular dinner Austin spots for foodies who are tired of the familiar faire.